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Professional Apprenticeships:
A day in the life

Darcy Casey - Assistant Quantity Surveyor

When I finished college I knew the traditional full-time study route was not for me. I was already interested in working in construction, and had heard about degree apprenticeships where I could get the best of both worlds. Laing O’Rourke has a good reputation for its quality programme and the apprenticeship I found was the one of the best I had come across.

Once I made the decision to apply, the process was very straightforward and well organised. After submitting my CV and completing some online assessments, I had a video interview and then a face-to-face interview. I was always kept informed about next steps and felt confident the whole way through – all I had to worry about was showing them what I had to offer!

My current role working on a new stadium project has seen me involved in the tender process for large developments, which has taught me a lot about forecasted costs and sub-contractor management. Every day my team has a meeting in the morning to check in and work out a plan for the day. I really enjoy the independence as I am trusted to complete the tasks set for me, but I know that I have the support from my team and line manager. Adjusting to working in COVID-19 has been a challenge for me because working from home requires strict time management skills. I miss the dynamic office environment, but we have worked together to make sure everyone is still included and involved.

Throughout my time at Laing O’Rourke I have worked on teams with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. I think the effort Laing O’Rourke makes to bring people into the construction industry by creating an inclusive environment is great as it encourages new ideas and makes everything more interesting. 

“This was the perfect fit for me, as I was ready to start my professional career but still keen to further my education. I love being a part of large-scale projects. Being able to see the whole process from the initial tender phase to construction is incredibly rewarding.”

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